Six Minute Caramels

Six Minute Caramels

Six Minute Caramels

Homemade Quick Caramel Sauce is thick, sticky, and made with just five ingredients in just five minutes, perfect for apples, brownies, ice cream, or as a gift!

This is a quick and dirty job for a 5-minute caramel sauce. I have used this caramel in a lot of recipes across the site, such as Caramel Macchiato, Apple Pie Sundae, and Salted Caramel Snickerdoodle Milkshake, and I will definitely use it in many other recipes, so instead of rewriting the recipe every time, I thought I’d give her a page dedicated to it.

Making candy is a lost type of art. Dealing with screaming hot sugar, gigantic kettles, and delicate techniques is nothing short of appealing. While buying candy is easy enough, artisan products cost a small fortune, and the regular selections at the supermarket leave much to be desired. Fortunately, these five recipes show you how to make some killer desserts that are also super easy. With a little patience and a handful of essential ingredients, this homemade dessert will reward you with mild success.

When it comes to our sweet tooth, we usually don’t go overboard when it comes to how we satisfy our cravings. However, there is one treatment that never fails to make us feel good and we just discovered that there is an easier way than ever to make it at home! Homemade caramel usually involves using a candy thermometer and paying lip service to make sure the sugar doesn’t burn and the cream doesn’t bubble and burn us. With our new version, all you need are five ingredients (only 4 really) and the ability to stir for 10 minutes … if you can do that, you can have that delicious and perfectly chewed caramel in no time!

Ingredients :

° 1/3 cup butter

° 1/3 Cup white sugar

° 1/3 Cup brown sugar

° 1/3 cup Karo syrup

° 1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk.

Directions :

1. Mixing all ingredients in a thick saucepan.

2. Cook the oven for 6 minutes on medium heat, stirring every two minutes.

3. Turn and pour a lightly greased plate.

4. Let it cool.

5. Cut and wrap in wax paper and store in an airtight container


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